Why Graphical User Interface Knocked Off Command-Line User Interface?

GUI overcame CLI. It had become history when the people were using CLI to interact with the processing unit. Before going into detail, why did the change of rule come in? 
Let's first have a look at,

What is User Interface (UI)?

The user interface is a platform given to users to interact with the processing unit. This interaction's intention can be to provide commands to the CPU. UI is a platform that supports Humans and Computers interaction. 
Exemplary user interfaces are:

Now, let's see,

What is Command-Line User Interface (CLI)?

CLI, first initiated in the 1960s, is a platform that provides the user's interaction with the computer through lines of text. The specific visual prompt appears to enter the command in text form, the system processes the typed statement and performs the required operation. 
In some specific conditions, CLI performed better than GUI. Most programmers or experienced computer users use CLI to communicate with the system, as some software only allows CLI. 
The main advantage of CLI is that it needs less memory. Besides that, it is time-friendly, which means that it takes less processing time.
As every coin has two sides, users regard CUI as confusing and difficult to use. A mistyped command can lead to command failure making the user experience bad.

What is Graphical User Interface (GUI)?

Users Love Graphics. First initiated in 1984, GUI is a platform that provides the user's interaction with the computer through icons. This platform offers the user ease. Ease to navigate through your system and give commands by clicking on icons.
In GUI, users typically use a keyboard and mouse. They send the signals to the processing unit to perform a specific operation. Typically GUI consists of windows, frames, entry fields, and canvases, etc. 
The main advantage of GUI is that users understand it quickly, and it is less time-consuming. Besides that, it makes computer usage more intuitive with a visually appealing design. 
While on the other hand, GUI is less flexible. It needs more storage and can take more processing time than CLI.

Now, after getting the knowledge of GUI and CLI. Let’s discuss,

Why has GUI knocked off CLI?

GUI overcame CUI because,


Command Line Interface may contain many advantages and programmers, and experienced users might prefer to use them. But, Graphical User Interface is more user-friendly and preferred to be used by most users.